Who Are We?

We are a division of Merten Marine Ltd, a Service and Repair Center dealer for Mercury Marine.

Our family has long history of racing boats, cars, snowmobles and motorcross cycles setting several national and world records.  These accomplishments have given us an advantage with a great understanding of mechanical motor world.

Between our knowledge and equipment, we are able to best serve customers by making it affordable.  Obtain the ultimate performance from your marine or automotive engine by having gasoline fuel or direct injectors tested and cleaned analyzed electronically and provided a precise diagnosis.

Fuel atomization at operating fuel pressure rates are analyzed
Checked for wear, deposits, corrosion, leaks, and inductive electrical consumption
Ultrasonically cleaned replacing o-rings and filters
Get before and after test results of service
Better top engine performance, longer life for a fraction of the price of a new injector

How It Works?

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An Affordable Solution to Enhance Engine Performance

Why Choose Us

The Process
We use an electronic/mechanical device that delivers the correct amount of fuel, at the precise time...
Initial Diagnosis
Take the guesswork out of the equation.  By having a baseline comprehensive report of each injector
Detecting Issues
We offer a service with a report sent back with the injectors on exactly what your injectors are doi...
Cleaning Action
Once the baseline test is complete we ultrasonic clean the injectors to bring back their full potent...
Our Research
In the very beginning of our fuel injector service, we tested a dozen brand new injectors and ran th...
Quick Turnaround
We make every attempt for a-one working day turnaround.  The system works in milliseconds. The fast


Out of 3000 Fuel Injectors
Only 12 Failed and had to be scraped
We service Mercury Optimax direct Injectors
Satisfied customers turn into repeat customers

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  • Address: 1087 Cozy Ln, Oshkosh WI 54901
  • Phone: +920 231 6751
  • Email: service@mertenmarine.com
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